How to upload your watch workouts to U4FIT

Automatic uploading of your running watch's workouts on U4FIT

If you train with a Garmin, Polar, or Fitbit running watch, you can now enable U4FIT to automatically receive your workout results on U4FIT.
It’s very easy!
Let’s see the steps to enable the synchronization with a Garmin watch (the flow is almost identical for Polar and Fitbit devices).
Go to ad sign in
Then, choose the manufacturer of your device for which you want to synchronize your workouts (Garmin in the following example) and follow the steps below
If you use Firefox or Safari on PC, it may be necessary to grant the permission to the page to open the pop-up window to proceed with the authentication.
On Firefox
On mobile phones:
- On Safari is necessary to enable the pop-ups from the phone settings: go to the phone’s Settings menu -> Safari -> and disable “Block Pop-ups”;
- On Firefox, choose to show the pop-up by clicking on the “Show” button that will appear.
After enabling the pop-up window, your watch’s platform screen will open; for Garmin, the following Garmin Connect screen will appear

From now on, all the workout results you will perform with your watch will also be uploaded on your U4FIT account. Your workout results will appear in the “Training History” section.

This is how your results will appear in the Training History menu:
IMPORTANT: U4FIT will not receive the workout results made prior to the connection with your Garmin account.
The authorization flow needs to be completed once.
From that moment, whenever your device synchronizes with its own platform (in the case of Garmin with the Garmin Connect platform through the Garmin Express program or the Garmin Connect mobile app), the workout will be automatically uploaded to U4FIT and will appear in the "Training History" section.
In general, workouts results will be available on your U4FIT account:
- after a few minutes, if you use a Garmin or a Fitbit watch;
- within a day, if you use a Polar watch.

Are you training with a workout made by your personal trainer?

If the answer is yes, you’ll now receive a chat/email notification informing you that U4FIT received your result. In this notification you will find a button that lets you associate the result with the training session you followed. This will allow your trainer to better evaluate your performance given the direct association with the workout session you followed.
In the following you’ll be shown how to associate the result with the actual training session you followed:
Once you click on the "Confirm" button, you will see the following message:
Note: once the association is successful, the result cannot be associated a second time. In case you re-try the association, the following error message will appear:


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