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Runners'diet: 4 food you shouldn't demonize

Raise their hands, who's skipped a balanced lunch - at least once a week- for an energy bar or who thinks to eat limitlessly at dinner, after a daily diet based on seeds, wholegrain bread and raw vegetables!

Common mistakes, based on false and spread belief. The Mediterranean diet is definitely considered as the most complete and ideal for sport lovers, althought with  some precautions.

Actually, running helps to stay fit but requires, at the same time, the right fuel to keep our body perfectly efficient. And you cannot find better food to keep your fit and give yourself a boost than those offered by mother nature. Some of them are often, with no reason, demonized.

Debunking Myths: healthy or not?


Yes, it's true: avocados are rich in fats, but they are the good ones, such as unsaturated and Omega3,  which favor the HDL production (also known as the arteries'cleaner) and lower the LDL deposit (the dangerous factor). A balm for our heart, yet important for many other reason: it's rich in phyto-nutritionals, natural anti-oxidants which stimulate the removal of free radicals and prevent many type of cancer. It also provides a huge amount of Vitamin A and E ( our allies against skin-aging) glutathione and lutein. The latter is essential to preserve our eyes healthy. Behind all these positive properties, avocado is a caloric bomb! Do not add any dressing: the advisable consumption is about 1/4 in your salad. Keep in mind 100 grams correspond approximately to 230 calories.

Dark Chocolate

9 people out of 10 love chocolate. 10 runners out of 10, avoid it. And they're perfectly right, talking about milk chocolate or filled one. Only dark chocolate with at least a 60% cocoa guarantees a stunning amount of flavonoids which, when absorbed, fly straight to your intestine, performing their beneficial effects; none of these properties belong to different kind of chocolate since epicatechins loose their powers in milk. 

Cocoa has a powerful antidepressant action due to the presence of serotonin, the happyness' hormon which, in the correct quantity, produces a well-being and high-spirits.

Finally, a small amount of dark chocolate everyday keeps arteries open and flexible, thanks to flavonoids, thus preventing heart attack and stroke.

Just one contraindication: it would be better to avoid it in case of ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome and other chronic gastric diseases

Red wine

"Semel in anno licet insanire" ( Once a year it is allowed to get crazy) ancient Roman used to say. Actually once a year is just too sad. Runners can indulge themselves much more than that. Red wine contains Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B4, B6, K and J but, most of all, a powerful anti-oxidant contained in grapes -resveratrol - widely famous for its anti-cancer, anti-inflammation and blood fluidizer properties.

Why are we talking about especially red wine? Because the skin of the grapes, where resveratrol is contained, aren't separated from the most only in red wine.

Also in this case, the same rule applies: 1 glass a day for women, 1-2 glasses a day for men do not imply an excessive calories consumption and boast positive effects. Moderation is the key.


Food allergies aside ( and this is a serious issue!), everybody can include shellfish in their diet at least once a week. Better grilled or steamed to limit fat consumption. Shellfish contain around 80/90 calories per 100 grams against a huge portion of vitamins, calcium, anti-oxidants and mineral salts.

Just one tip: better skip the shrimps' head to avoid increasing high-cholesterol level!


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