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u4fit is the new blog entirely devoted to running and fitness, rich in hints and tips for run-addicted as well as walking and fitness lovers.

Those who look for charts, info and training sheets won’t be disappointed, but we’ve got much more in mind!

We wish to become a meeting point on running activities and events, open to comments and contributions from those who love likewise to be fit and running, even at no competitive level.

As in many other countries, runlovers are an ever - growing multitude: u4fit’s blog aims to be a landmark for beginners, marathon veterans and for those who still hesitate but are tickled by the idea. The file rouge which connect us is a passion that grows by sharing.

u4fit is also an App, available for Android, on Google Play and soon for iOS devices. The App market already provides many tools to supervise performance, but we’ve got something more: bespoke professional training and contacts with real trainers.

Download u4fit:



Android release is (iOS coming soon) for free: download it and put it to the test. We will be waiting for you and your comments, feedback and tips.

See you soon.



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