Is u4fit being closed during a workout? Take a look here!


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Are you running with U4FIT and lately it is being closed right after you start your workout?
The recent update to Android 8 and earlier versions is causing some apps like U4FIT, that need to stay alive even when the screen is off, to be killed by the system to limit battery consumption.
This doesn’t depend on U4FIT! The same issue is affecting all the applications that need to stay in execution when the screen is turned off or the device is locked.
If you are experiencing this issue, please take a look at the following guide.

Huawei devices
Verified for the following models: p8lite 2017, p10 lite, p20 lite
1) Access to phone setting and tap on "Battery"

2) Then click on “Launch”

3) Look for U4FIT on the list and tap on the button on the right to disable the “manage automatically” function as shown by the following screenshot:

4) Then you will see this screen
VERY IMPORTANT: enable all the three options as shown above then click “OK”.
In this way, you are allowing U4FIT to stay active even when the screen is off or the device is locked so that the workout won’t be terminated by the device.

Other Huawei devices
These steps are valid for other Huawei device:
Access to “Battery Manager” then tap on  “Protected Apps” and ENABLE U4FIT

HTC devices
1. Access to phone settings
2. Tap on “Battery”
3. Tap on “Power Saving Mode”
4. Tap on “Battery Optimization”
5. Look for U4FIT on the list then select DON’T OPTIMIZE and save
Samsung devices
1. Access to Battery settings
2. Tap on “App Power Saving”
3. Tap on “Details”
4. Look for U4FIT and DISABLE it

Other devices
If you are experiencing this issue on different devices/manufacturers or if the settings menu of your device is different from the screenshots shown above, you should try to locate the Battery settings and enable U4FIT to run in background.
If you need further help or if you need more information don’t hesitate to write us an email at
We are always glad to help :)

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