Running to lose weight

We have to admit it! Everytime we read a survey about running motivation, whether it's about former sport addicted or inactive people, we find out that losing weight is the goal n.1 

Running to lose weight is perhaps the most common way to get in shape but, it is often paired to DIY diets or dramatic and random reductions to the daily diet which cause more damages then benefits.

Which is the ideal solution to lose weight with running

Do not demonize fats and carbos

If Mother Nature has been good enough to provide us with a huge range of foods, there must be a reason. Almost everybody knows that the best diet is a balanced one, a good mix where carbos and fats live in perfect harmony, fueling properly our body to cope with an active life.

Given that, if our target is to lose weight ( both those 2-3 extra kilos and much more weight), the first thing to do is consulting a nutritionist.

At the same time, the proper energy to make our run last a while allow us to burn fats (carbos are the first to burn).  

Walking or running: which is the ideal intensity to lose weight?

Every training is different, as well as people. Running slowly implies a hard impact on joints but it's less stressful on heart-lung machine then a fast walk. The best thing is to  choose a fast walk until we feel we're able to face a short-term /medium run. Body index's change can be summed up in a simple formula:

Weight loss: daily calories income ( food) - daily calories consumption ( basal metabolic consumption + daily activity calories consumption).

It is a very simple concept to describe how to achieve good results, yet it is very effective. Combining healthy and proper nutrition with an adequate physical activity is a successful road to lose weight, along with gradually increasing the intensity of our training programs.

Remember that to increase intensity is strictly connected to the adjustments resulting from a regular physical activity.

Have fun: you'll burn more calories!

Mental condition is a key asset for weight loss. The best sport activity is indeed the one who gives you pleasure and fun. Whatever activity we enjoy ( walking, running etc) with friends, alone, outdoor, stick to that.

Unfortunately, the hardest part is riding bad habits of a sedentary life out: so have fun, repeat and results will be more and more self evident.

Horse sense pills

Is it true that to lose weight you should walk or run as fast as you can, given a certain lapse of time?

Actually, it is. Yet it's important to be cautious since the most common injuries come from the overload and from excessive joints-stress. So, be gentle to your legs and hips and don't expect to be a champion in your first month of training. Isn't it far better to run 15km a week for the rest of your life than running 30 km a week and then quit your funny and rewarding training for a pointless over-training?


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