How to use your fitness app

Fancy enjoying jogging without sticking to a specific training plan? Only interested in monitoring track, time and distance?

Easy as ever with our fitness app: you can simply set the function "free workout" with u4fit from your mobile phone.

If you are not addicted to perfomance and results and you are the kind who loves running or jogging freely, this is your ideal feature. First, set your personal records in "My Profile".

You can accede from the first screen or straight from the upper menu, to the left.



Remember to add your data (weight, age,height,gender) to get your calories consumption.

Clicking on "Settings" (set icon upper right), you can enable the most useful features (distance in Km o miles, speed in km/h, mm:ss/km, audio cues, Personal Trainer vocal info frequency). 

Why should you do that? Simple, setting your profile helps you t to receive more detailed info after you finish your workout.

You can also start jogging at once, clicking on "Free Workout", upper left: wait for the countdown and when the vibe is done, start.




 When you finish, you can have a look at your stats in your "Workout History": Kilometers, Time, Km/H kcal, average speed, graph and track's map.




Clicking on "Map", you can see the path you made and share it on social media with the upper right "share" icon. Your friends will eat their hearts out!



Photo Credit: Garry Knight


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